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I am probably most happy when I have a paintbrush in my hand. Painting - especially with watercolors - is my first love and the process brings me a lot of peace and time for reflection. I grew up painting wildflowers at the dining room table with my grandmother at our little family cabin in Mentone, Alabama and so I gravitate to painting bouquets of all kinds of flora.

In the summer, an evening walk among the fireflies often yields a handful of Black-Eyed Susans, Sweet Pea, Queen Anne's Lace, and Day Lilies. As the summer grows old, bouquets shift to contain Goldenrod and Blackberries. 

I am comfortable painting from life or from photographs. If you'd like to memorialize an especially significant bouquet, fill out the form below. 

Sweet Apple Wildflowers 3 feet by 5 feet Acrylic on canvas painted in 2022

Sweet Apple Wildflowers

Acrylic on canvas

3' x 5'


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