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artful textiles that celebrate joie de vivre

2022 Tré Lilli logo-03.png

Tré Lilli is a collaboration with my father, artist Trés Taylor. In 2010, when I was at a career crossroads, my father asked me, "If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?" I told him I would put his imagery on textiles - specifically on clothes for women. His response? "Make it happen!" What followed was a self-taught journey in garment design and construction, garment sewing, textile design, and digital printing on fabric.

Tré Lilli is a line of colorful textiles that artfully celebrates the "joie de vivre". These textiles are used to create women's clothing, accessories, and home goods such as pillows, curtains, bedding, and more.

Since 2010, Tré Lilli has taken many forms. I have explored custom, hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind dresses as well as print-on-demand shifts that are made to fit a variety of body types and income brackets. Just like Goldilocks, I haven't quite found the product model that is "just right", but I continue to explore. Ever a work in progress, the brand is still in the research and development phase. In the meantime, you can purchase items such as tunics, scarves, pillows, and more from the print on demand site, Redbubble. See below for direct links to these products.

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